Wednesday, 16 March 2011

DLNA - The future of Technology!

DLNA - Digital Living Network Alliance. Within the next couple of years those words will be a house hold name in the same way that Bluetooth is known by all. DLNA is a piece of technology that will revolutionise the way we use technology. DLNA is a univeral wireless technology. Hasn't that already been done you ask, well yes, methods of wireless technology have been around for over ten years now, people have been able to send wirelessly information such as pictures to each other but larger files have always been difficult. This is where DLNA comes into its own. In the future you will be able to connect all your electrical appliances to one another, currently it DLNA certified products include, TV's Computers, Tablets, Camera's, DVD and Bluray players, Mobile phones, Photo frames, Set top boxes, Network Storage devices, Gaming consoles with many more different technological products expected to be fully wireless within the next 12 months. Currently there are 200 companies involved in DLNA with over 9000 different products available but this is expected to rise to the hundreds of millions by 2014. DLNA is and will be compatible by all companies so there so there is no worry that half your products won't be able to talk to each other.

If your products have this logo it is DLNA certified.
So what will I be able to do with this wireless Technology?
You have just come back from holiday and want to show the family your videos and photos. Within seconds you are transmitting all your photos and videos to the TV, once you are done you will be able to send all the information to a network storage device for safe keeping, while the rest of the family are viewing your photos and films you’re on your laptop sending your pictures to facebook. All of this is possible if the products are DLNA certified and not one cable is needed between any of the devices. It will also mean that only one recording device will be needed in the future, it's possible that 4 different TV's can watch 4 different films from one storage device all at the same time. One way or another DLNA will be part of your future with the products that you will buy.

For a list of all DLNA products click here,

So what do you think of DLNA and are you currently using this wireless service? Please leave your comments below.


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